Energy Mapping Survey

In June 2014 was launched an online survey to collect information about the need for automatic large-scale assessment of building energy behaviour, based on geodata available from public registers such as cadastre, urban planning data etc.

After 46 days, there were 118 submitted respondents of the “Energy Density Mapping” survey. More than one-third came from public bodies, while the others were from private organisations. Almost two-thirds were already aware of Energy Maps and 98% considered that Energy Density Map could facilitate the understanding of energy usage and help to better define actions for the energy usage reduction. It is important to note that the majority of respondents did not have any instrument to monitor the energy usage or need, and most of directives and documents related to energy were almost unknown.

The questionnaire was designed on the basis of the smeSpire project experience. The smeSpire project was an FP7 Support Action focused on the implementation of INSPIRE directive, in relation to business opportunities for the Geo-ICT European SMEs.

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