SUNSHINE Challenge 2015: winner announcement

Sunshine challenge 2015

The SUNSHINE Consortium is delighted to announce that the winner of the SUNSHINE Challenge 2015 is the project SunRISE (A Dynamic Time-of-Usage Tariffing Schemes for Carbon-Neutral Energy Provisioning), submitted by Mr. Daniele Miorandi and his team (Antonio Massaro, Diego Viesi and Andrea Capaccioli).

The award ceremony and the presentation of the SunRISE project will take place in the ICT 2015 Exhibition in Lisbon (Connect Area, booth number: C18) on 21 October 2015 at 3:30pm.

We kindly invite all interested parties to join the award ceremony.

SUNSHINE @ Smart City Exhibition in Bologna

On 15 October 2015 Sinergis will present the SUNSHINE project in a workshop organized by ASTER in the Smart City Exhibition. ASTER is the Italian Consortium that includes Emilia-Romagna regional administration, universities located in the regional territory, the National Research Council, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and the Chambers of Commerce regional system working in collaboration with the industrial associations.

The workshop will take place at the Emilia-Romagna SmartER booth at the Bologna Fair (Pavilion 31, west entrance) from 15:30-17:00 o’clock, and will focus on the current initiatives and the key role that the data have for energy planning.

Participation to the workshop is free of charge but it is necessary to previously register to the Smart City Exhibition event.

The workshop program is available only in Italian language.

SUNSHINE: Training workshop in Ferrara

On 25 and 26 September 2015, the SUNSHINE training workshop on “Energy Maps” took place in the beautiful city of Ferrara, Italy.

The objective of the workshop was to present the importance of geographic data and information on energy consumption, more precisely to present the platform developed within the SUNSHINE project, as possible support to municipal energy planning and monitoring of activities foreseen in the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP).

The workshop was structured in three parts:

  1. Introduction, during which were presented the experiences of those involved in territorial energy planning and management;
  2. Discussion, where the theme of energy planning and management was crossed with that of geographic information systems, or better “the infrastructure of geographic data”;
  3. Final presentation, during which was performed the estimation of energy needs at urban scale in the historic center of Ferrara.

WS Ferrara

Speakers and their presentations in Italian language (all presentations are CC BY-NC licensed):

      * The presentation has not been made available from the author

More information related to the SUNSHINE training workshop and speakers’ presentations can be found here (only in Italian language).

Two interesting papers related to the theme of the workshop can also be downloaded:

SUNSHINE Challenge 2015: Deadline extension

SUNSHINE Challenge deadline for submission has been extended!

The new deadline for submitting Challenge entries is 2 October 2015.

Apply and win the travel and accommodation in Lisbon to join us during ICT 2015, the biggest ICT event in EU, that will be held from 20-22 October 2015.

SUNSHINE Challenge 2015

After a successful event in June 2014, the SUNSHINE Challenge is back!

This year, the SUNSHINE Challenge is all about promoting innovation in energy efficiency! We want you to send us the best, most sustainable, innovative and inclusive submissions for our two tracks:

1. Energy efficiency initiative of the year - acknowledging the contributions of public administrations or planning bodies to the transformation of our cities and neighborhoods towards greater energy sustainability, and

2. Innovation in smart urban services - aimed at promoting these technologies in terms of best practices and innovative products in all stages of development which contribute to achieving the concept of smart cities.

Deadline for submissions: 20 September 2015.

For more information visit the Challenge section on the project website.