Sustainability & Ownership

The consortium will formalize the conditions that will govern the exploitation of results after the end of the project. In the short term, sustainability will be achieved through the ensuring of service availability for 2 years after the project's end. On the long term, a sustainability plan will be developed based on the project results, establishing guidelines to the deployment of the products and services that the consortium and its individual partners aim at exploiting.
A sustainability study will define a large-scale update plan and it will perform a large-scale socio-economic assessment (including user's acceptance and recovery of investment) of the technology being piloted. The exploitation activity will be based on a multi-channel business model:

  1. Provision of software as a service (SAAS);
  2. Development of customized solutions based on specific project;
  3. Licensing of software components.

The project promotes an open approach through releasing of the SUNSHINE toolkit as open source software. Additionally the project will deliver an extension of the CityGML standard through a publicly available Application Domain Extension (ADE) that will be submitted to the standardization committee (OGC). The ADE will allow classification of energy performance of buildings and will support the concept of "reference building" as requested by EBPD recast Directive 2010/31 "Energy performance of buildings"