…for Business, Industry and Research

Through the three piloted scenarios, SUNSHINE ensures the development of innovative tools useful for businesses and industries involved in urban energy efficiency.

The Scenario 1 will generate large-scale awareness of energy performances of public buildings, creating a positive feedback loop mechanism for greener buildings based on transparency, standardized metrics and reliable information which, on a longer term, will be likely to generate new business in more extensive interventions for building performance improvement. Moreover, the scenario can be extended to the whole urban context, allowing for the creation of eco-maps and pre-certification for privately managed commercial and residential buildings as well, thus creating new opportunities for business.

source: gazette.unc.edu

The second Scenario will allow industry and service providers to access information on real-time energy consumption that can enable them to create more sophisticated billing and notification systems for users. It could lead to significant business opportunities for companies exploiting the developed service, addressing a potentially large market of home users. The App will be made available for free to download during the duration of the project, while the opportunity to create a commercial service beyond the project duration, based on use of SUNSHINE mobile App and smart service, will be explored further by the consortium.

Last but not least, through Scenario 3, professionals will be able to enter a platform from where to access information on public illumination network and where to update georeferenced information on new/updated lighting systems. The scenario will also generate significant benefits for ESCOs, through providing improved interfacing to existing public illumination networks via interoperable protocols through a standardized interface.

Experts and academics in the energy efficiency domain can further capitalize on the findings from the project and can offer valuable feedback on the solutions developed.