…for Public Administrations and Planners

source: www.hughlowprecinct.com

The SUNSHINE services and solutions will be particularly useful for local administrators and planners, who will be able to use them to gather an overview of the overall state of the buildings in the city energy-wise, and subsequently to design targeted policies and take well-documented decision. Planners and Public Administration (PA) officers will thus use SUNSHINE mainly to extract analytic indicators necessary for the definition of energy saving policies for the existing public built assets and to define energy pre-certification mechanisms.

In particular, Public Administrators and Planners using SUNSHINE solutions will be able to: 

  1. Rapidly estimate energy performances of buildings at urban scale, in order to better define energy-saving policies based on the buildings' true requirements (Scenario 1); 
  2. Get information about building real energy consumption in a specific area and visualize on their PC a map of the current energy performance of the buildings within that area, useful for a better planning of actions for energy performance improvement
  3. Take informed decisions in defining areas for urban renewal and accurately assess needs and opportunities for area-based investments in neighborhood regeneration.